Nuclear Academy believes that every student has potential, every student has talent. Talent may be different but is unique of its kind. Besides to prepare the students for examinations, our objective is to set up the tools to identify, nurture, and develop the talent in the student’s personality and make the career decision based on the same. The next few years are going to play very important role in the educational field. The educational terms like teacher, classroom, black board, homework, test, result, etc. are changing their definitions day by day. Young generation is very fast and forward with respect to grasping, speed etc. Keeping all these things in mind, we have equipped all our branches with excellent infrastructure with all the facilities for students’ academic support. Besides Audio Visual Teaching Methodology, we provide the students with a wide variety of other educational and enrichment resources. At the same time we are highly Systematic, Scientific, Ethical & Logical in teaching methodology. We are an institute which is committed to quality education only & not the business oriented.